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Thousands sign petition calling on London borough of Hackney to stop 'criminalising' homeless people

It is all of our duty as citizens on the United Kingdom to sign and support this petition. What the local councils are suggesting by fining the homeless and taking away their possessions to protect themselves from the elements, is that those who are homeless don't have the same basic freedoms that we all have and that they are seen as a separate entity, and not as a human being. We all have the right to protect ourselves. We all have the right to seek shelter and to equip ourselves with what ever we need to keep ourselves safe. If the government supports councils to fine the homeless, they support a collective lack of freedom in this country by denying us our human rights. Seeking shelter is a basic need. Many of us could face homelessness at any time, and none of us truly knows what life may throw at us. Those who have worked with the homelessness will know the variety of different circumstances that can take place in our lives that may contribute to this possible occurrence. I'm shocked to believe that this could take place, and firmly support this petition.